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This is the only app I use in with my magic, A+ Grade...I have a request though, COULD YOU PLEASE PUT A CAMERA REVEAL WHERE YOU CAN WAVE YOUR HAND OVER THE CAMERA TO REVEAL, That would make this app Legendary...Please 👍🏾

Good app

It’s a cool app but can’t really do it for much more of a quick trick or street magic

Card2Phone for IPad mini

Works very well, every time. All I have to do now I come up with a good routine for this large device.


This app is absolute crap. A waste of money there are far better apps out there for the same price that let you do so many more tricks and customize your objects.

Great App - Bad Price

After downloading the app itself I had a great time messing around for a few hours - coming up with tricks to use the app with was probably one of the most exciting parts! However, giving $5 for a simple background swiper app seems a bit too much. If the creator lowered the price down to $2-3, hundreds of people would buy it. Additionally, the PRO version is a total joke. I would assume that after paying a solid $5 (more than 90% of the apps in the store), I would be able to use other objects other than the standard cards or coins. The creator thought otherwise I guess. The extra $4 seems like a total money grab method of milking every last penny from the consumer. Until the prices are lowered - the app will continue only being a subpar 3 star.

Great App! Worth the money!

I love the app, however I’m giving it 4stars since I’d like to have the full back version of the cards (not just bicycle red/blue) since I don’t like to fold my cards. Could you also include the virtuoso backs in the future? Other than that great app!


This app works fantastic on my iPhone 6s and the 2027 9” iPad. I’ve been out of magic for 30 years, and this app was a big part of getting me back in and excited about magic (and even excited in life) again. I bought the full version within 5 minutes.

Could be Better

I found out about this from Chris Ramsey on YouTube and loved using it on friends, some suggestions are: 1. The ability to have multiple home screen that slide like on my phone to make it more believable, 2. Add any card back I want or card face, 3. Have the ability to set the order of something appearing ex: I grab a folded car out of phone unfold it and put the unfolded one in the phone.


Tricked a lot of people. Easy to use, but also pretty easy for someone to figure it out. Works on a younger audience.


Starts to work and worked fine but after 3 hours it won’t work now and it keeps crashing when I try to load it

iPhone X

Can we get an update for the iPhone X please?

Nice, but why aren’t cards full size on iPhone 6 or up?

Lovely app, but full size cards don't display in real size on my iPhone6, so they're basically unusable. There's no reason to shrink them (except on iPhone 5 or smaller, as I can fit a regular poker size bicycle card on my screen without cutting the sides off; it's tight, but it just fits. There's still a little wiggle room at top and bottom. Hopefully an update addresses this.

Save yourself a headache

Worked great at first! Worked perfect to be honest. However after 24 hours it stopped popping up on my screen when shaken. I’ve deleted it and reinstalled it and it still won’t work. The app opens up and all the settings are adjustable, the objects just won’t pop on to my screen! Forget that the moment it stopped working was when I was performing! Super frustrating.

I need help!?

How do I get to see the backs of cards? I go to that portion and it just shows me folded cards....???

Great app but...

This is by far my favorite magic app out there, the only issue is that the options for backs of cards are so exotic. I don’t have any of the cards in the app. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming that on anyone but myself, but it would be interesting if you could add your own card backs onto the app. I have had a lot of fun doing magic before anyone knows I’m going to with this app.

A game changer

This app changes the dynamic of live performance by integrating modern commonalities into magic. The app is a brilliant concept with infinite potential and is very flexible with its wide selection of items and variations of those items. However the one change the app could use that would make it flawless would be to add a physical command/amount of pressing the screen that would allow the user to seamlessly change between items to vanish and reappear to allow for an ongoing performance using the app without having to turn the phone away from spectators or be seen editing some type of setting with would arouse suspicion and potentially expose the trick. Beyond that, the app is excellent. Also I think full size card backs should be available for every type of card on the app, rather than folded cards. Also, this is optional and doesn't effect the trick negatively but the cards should be proportioned to the type of phone using the app to make the card the same exact size as a real card, however I see the counter argument that a full sized card can be wider/larger than an iPhone screen. Thank you for your time and I hope to see some of these ideas integrated into the app. Especially the first. Being able to switch between items without going through the home screen settings and scrolling through would extend the wow factor of this app to unimaginable proportions. Also adding more items that are either common or are modern to the app would be awesome to give the user an incentive to keep using the app and can add a sense of being ahead of the curb by being able to use new items that have just been released or popularized. Later down the road, maybe even photo scanning to allow for a loose scanning ability to add a spectators signature on an item. One again thank you for your time. I love what you have all worked hard to create. Please continue to sharpen your craft and improve this excellent app. BRING BACK QUICK SWITCH. Also the app crashes sometimes and will not turn back on even after restarting phone. I just reinstalled the app after only having it for half a day.

This app is absolutely AMAZING!!!!

Offers a great effect, variety or objects ranging from bottle caps, to just about any card back you can imagine. Great app, really awesome design. Great handling and very nice details. Awesome app! Definitely recommend for any magician looking for a cheap, but powerful effect.

Great Magic App

This is one of my favorite apps. It gets great reactions and has literally every item you could imagine. The creator (Jakob) was very nice and polite over email, and was able to add an item I wanted. It is a great app to fool you friends and make people go, "What? Let me see that again."

First review

This app works fine but it's not worth the money and you have to pay for different objects after you already pay $5

Great Magic App

I love this app. As a working magician, it is great to have this on my phone and ready to go at any time. And with all of the great items, I can always find something to use. I would love to see a larger silver ring with rounded edges. That way it can be used with a wedding band and for Greg Wilson's Bandwidth and many other ring effects. Also, it would be nice if Pro purchasers had the option to add their own items. Is that possibles? By taking a picture? Please make this happen!!

Scam do not buy got 5 dollar gift card and i used it and i got tricked

Dont buy scam

This app ACTUALLY works?

I know what your thinking, Does it work? YEAH!!!! I'd give it five stars but the thing is it doesn't have a live camera feature

Fun and visual effect

The app is exactly what it sounds like. It works well an I will definitely use it.


Best app ever

Egyptian Currency

We need the Egyptian currency if you please. . Overall this app is so amazing.

Best Magic App Ever!

I have been using Card 2 Phone for a couple years now, and it never lets me down. I use it every single day. That is not a lie. It is one of my strongest effects. I highly recommend this app for any magician. I guarantee you will find an amazing use for it! I use it for at least 3 different effects! You'll love all the options in the Pro version. Definitely upgrade. You won't be disappointed.

Card to phone

The brilliant thing about this is the money production part of it. Have done it with different currencies in different parts of the world. Invaluable.

iranian Coins

Please Add Iranian Coins.

Cool app but....

I like this app it's pretty cool but can you add a feature that lets us take a picture of an item and resize it (like magic trick #6 app)

Doesn't deserve one star.

This trick is really obvious. Also, to do any of the cards, you have to fold your cards. Maybe it's just me, but I don't want to fold my cards up. I would however recommend "magic trick #6" another app which has much more flexibility, and you can take a picture of what you want to make dissapear. This other app is also five dollars.

Absolutely magnificent!!!

I have a tot of apps but this one is the best. It is simple amazing, very flexible, easy to do. Super fun! Get it!!! You can't be wrong with this. Great level of service! I love this app!!!

Truly a killer app

I really am liking that they're doing more updates. I hope that I can get in contact with the creators because I have a lot of ideas for them that I believe that they could do to continue to make the app better

Greatest magic app ever !!!!

This is far the best magic app in the market I use this app in my street performing I'm a professional magician check out my ig frankiemagic13 but I have one question what is mirror card under settings thxs for making a great app I can use as a part of my street magic

Objects too small

The app is great but in the pro pack the object are not the correct proportions. Not very conniving when you are performing.


Thank you so much for this app it has gotten me so far in my magic career it is very useful and the reactions out of people is awesome.

Worth It

I use this app every day. Not every other day. EVERY DAY. I upgraded to pro times and now I'm always looking for things everywhere I go so now I can impress people not just with cards and money. It's and awesome app and is easy to use. 10/10


Love this trick! But it would be a huge improvement to have the app disguised. The Phone Phreak app does this perfectly. That one change would make this app go from good, to great!


this all is amazing!!!

Amazing app!

This is an absolutely amazing app for performing astonishing card tricks!


I love it! I do it all the time in the streets and in my shows!


This app is good for new magicians, but it is really good,but we paid five dollars and we pay four more to get thirty more objects, that is a bit of a rip, but a great app

Great magic app!

Great app but please add more Artifice decks! Mainly looking for the Green, Purple, and Blue w/ Border decks. Tundra, Black, and Red would be nice extras as well. I'm sure you do your research before updating decks but just incase, please note that Green has a border while Purple doesn't.

Thanks for making this halkovl!

This game made me popular and famous!so thank you so much! I dicided to be a magician, and I'm only 9 years old!😏🎩😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Photo options?

Hello I really enjoy your app and like how you have so many different options. This app is especially great for magic on the go when you aren't carrying a lot on you. I was just wondering if you could add a feature where you can take a picture of an item and then crop the edges. I personally wouldn't mind if this was a feature that you have to pay for because it would be useful for my more unique decks of cards.

Magic! is this apps


Most amazing trick for the iPhone

This trick I have preformed 3 different times and each time the spectators love it highly recommended and I hope they get more items on it soon!!! Also the sweet and low needs an update they don't make the one on the app anymore and it hard to do my bill into packet when it don't match the phone!

Best Magic App Ever

If you are a magician or want to learn an easy magic trick to fool your friends. You NEED this app. I get an amazing reaction every time I perform Card2Phone. Plus, it is a great opener trick to do for someone on the streets. Decent magic tricks these days can go upwards of hundreds of dollars so paying a few bucks for this great effect is well worth it. Plus, when your buy the pro version you get a whole bunch of more items to do tricks with. This is an app with almost endless possibilities. I love this app. There is no iPhone magic trick better than this one. It was easy to learn how to use and is very versatile. I highly recommend it.

Needs optimization for iPhone 6

The card sizes are too big, they should be the same as a folded card in real life so as to perfect the illusion.


I just downloaded the pro objects and they are amazing !!!!! I amazed my friends with this amazing app

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